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The Roman street food tour

The Roman street food tour

If you have decided to enjoy the spring and allow yourself a weekend away with a smile, we suggest you organise a weekend in Rome.First of all, you can choose between many events: do you want to see the many important exhibitions that there are? Do you want to take a stroll through Villa Borghese, or simply wander through the lanes of the city centre to see the artistry on the streets? Would you like to take a food tour through the wonderful Roman cuisine? In a Rome weekend you can do this and much more. Last week a Venetian couple decided to do a mini tour of the Roman street food, along with the classic sights of the city, and they discovered exceptional things.

They told me that they are and drank in a divine manner and discovered Roman culture that is well worth a visit to Rome. They even tried quality sandwiches, which proved to them that no matter how many times they have visited Rome, there is always something unexpected and new to discover. They told me of their choice to stay in a bed and breakfast to feel more at home and to meet new people, this time they chose a Vatican city B&B and they found it great. This couple managed to organise a really cheap holiday keeping their standards of a welcoming stay high.

The experiences of our holidays can be unique and always different, the important thing is having the spirit of a true traveller and, why not... Of an explorer!

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