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This All Saints Break, book a B&B!

This All Saints Break, book a B&B!

Summer 2014 will be remembered by many as one of the worst summers in decades, and many people have not fully enjoyed their holidays. If you are amongst those who can not wait to spend a few days of vacation in Italy, book a B&B now and you can give yourself a few days to break away from the routine and enjoy the out of character sunshine that we are having this Autumn. Italian and foreign tourists alike have a lot to visit in the Bel Paese. Between the beauty of the cities, the countryside, lakes and the sea, you will be really spoilt for choice.

Many B&Bs on offer will allow you to find cheap housing for the 2014 All Saints break to spend a few days quietly with your partner or your family, or even alone. Other European countries such as France where there are school holidays until November 3, or such as Germany, where there are the autumn holidays, will take a few days off for half term.

Decide your goal for the All Saints break this year and if you need advice you can contact the reservation centre of BBitalia  email: info@bbitalia.it Phone: 06 94 80 44 01

You will be guided to the discount B&Bs, those with the best customer feedback and comfort just like home... you can choose to get the offers sent directly to your inbox, if you prefer.

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