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Palazzo delle Esposizioni: Gli Etruschi e il Mediterraneo- Etruscan Civilisation

Palazzo delle Esposizioni: Gli Etruschi e il Mediterraneo- Etruscan Civilisation

Originally evolved in the north of Lazio and South Tuscany, the Etruscans left us a series of pieces of important evidence and this exhibition represents these and the ancient population. Moreover, this exhibition presents one of the Etruscan cities of excellence, Cerveteri. The Roman Caere's city of Cervateri occupied a notable position of significance in the Mediterranean and during the first millennium B.C. In its antiquity, this city was of the most prosperous and of largest population in Etruria and only a few kilometres away from Rome. The exhibition's goal is to explore the story of this ancient metropolis and to take its viewers back to the 800s when great archaeologists brought to light the vast and precious quantities of objects, which are on display in the museum.

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You can see this exhibition at the Palazzo delle Espozizioni until 20th July 2014; Summer hours (until 30th August): Monday to Friday 9.00-13-00 and 14.00-17-00, Saturday 9.00-13-00. Tickets: 12€ (full price), 9.50 (reduced price), 4€ (schools); the reduced price ticket is valid for: youngsters under 26 years of age, adults over 65 years of age, teachers who are working  (excluding university professors), journalists with official I.D (Tessera dell'Ordine Nazionale, professionisti pubblicisti), members of law enforcement and military with recognisable I.D. Free entrance: children under 6, 1 chaperon for every 10 students, disabled (chaperon also free), Tour guides of Regione Lazio.

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