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On foot to Pope Francis' Angelus

On foot to Pope Francis' Angelus

"We should never let ourselves fall into the vortex of pessimism. Faith moves mountains." These are only an uttering of the many heart warming words from Pope Francis since he began his monastery 13th March 2013.

Romans have the possibility to go and listen to him every Sunday but obviously not everyone has the fortune to live in Rome. So, if you have the desire to spend a weekend in Rome and listen to the Angelus by Pope Francis, you can do so and spend little by booking one of our last minute B&Bs in the Vatican, staying from 29th of January until the 1st of February. 

Many of our Vatican city B&Bs have 30% discount for this time enabling you to walk to St. Peters square, which is always busy. In a time of crisis, not only economic, having a figure such as Pope Francis is a blessing and it would be a shame to miss out on his wise words of hope that are gifted every Sunday. 

The BBitalia January last minute Vatican city B&Bs are listed below.

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