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A B&B trip to Rome

A B&B trip to Rome

The moment has arrived to get out your map of Italy and choose our next trip's location. The sun is starting to shine, the city is full of spring colour, people seem smiley as they meet... so... what a nice time to decide upon a weekend in Rome? Why Rome? That's easy: because we can find numerous offers on Rome city centre B&Bs on BBItalia.it with great prices... and that's not all... we can take advantage of the numerous events that the city offers. One of the most important events that must not be missed is a guided tour of the Domus Aurea; an emotional moment not only for art lovers, but for everyone who wants to dicover their origins.

We also advise the numerous exhibitions that can be found at the Borghese Gallery, the Ara Pacis, at the Quirinal Scuderie and many, many more. Every location in Rome knows how to satisfy our cultural curiosity. At this time of year it is a great time to take long walks through the city centre amongst the side streets that the city offers.

You can stay in a Rome historical Centre B&B without spending a fortune choosing from those on the Rome B&B page and looking at the area of the city that you prefer to stay in. We are ready for this new adventure!

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