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A relaxing New Year 2016 with the taste of Tuscany.

Book your Tuscany New Year to unplug from stressful daily life.

In the B&B for the All Saints Long Weekend.

You can’t manage to go on the weekend of 1 November! Search the B&B offers that you prefer: Italy awaits you.

Palermo. A perfect mix of art, culture, sea and good food.

Choose a bed and breakfast in Palermo to find out what makes the city special

The Roman street food tour

A Vatican B&B stay, discovering ancient Rome and experiencing street food in the most beautiful city in the world... Nothing left to say

A B&B trip to Rome

The sun that shines, blue sky and Rome's open air beauty makes a trip to the city, staying in a city centre B&B worth while.

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The Roman street food tour

A B&B trip to Rome

Palm Sunday Holy Mass 2015 at the Vatican

Rush to the Rome 2015 Marathon!

On foot to Pope Francis' Angelus

In November, book Rome! It costs so little!

This All Saints Break, book a B&B!

Palazzo delle Esposizioni: Gli Etruschi e il Mediterraneo- Etruscan Civilisation

Get rid of stress and have a long weekend away on the 25 of April!

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