The spring holiday

The spring holiday

How can you not appreciate the first days of sun and how can you not imagine taking a trip outdoors maybe taking advantage of a weekend away. Just this morning  I was thinking that I would like to organise a long weekend and go to look around the Amalfi Coast or to change direction completely and go to Venice. Yes, I know, they are two totally different ideas, but this is exactly why I love them both equally.

The beauty of the Amalfi Coast somehow rejuvenates me: the colours, the sea, the sun starting to heat up, the tasty cuisine, all of this makes me think of the joy and freedom that I feel everytime I return to the area and I enjoy looking for a B&B on the Amalfi Coast that I haven't stayed at yet. A trip staying in a bed and breakfast is always wonderful for me, I have met many people and made lots of friends. The Maiori family, the two guys from Sorrento and that lady I met in Amalfi, still today I hear from them on birthdays and main holidays and I wouldn't ever want to give that up.

On this trip I never miss out on a trip to Naples, I think that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I can't manage not to visit the spectacular view of the riverside, the Maschio Angioino castle and the mount Vesuvius.

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