Spring is in the air: enjoy it with a trip to Venice

Spring is in the air: enjoy it with a trip to Venice

The arrival of spring inspires us to try something new, the sun, the colors, the first warm days awaken in us new optimism and joy. Obviously the best things we can do is to take a weekend away or short holiday to reenergize, experience new things, see new sights and return home with new understanding and joy. In Italy there are many travel options and innumerable beautiful places to visit. For this spring getaway I've chosen one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice.

Visiting Venice in spring is always a good idea, the number of tourists has still not peaked and the climate is perfect for visiting the city without problems. It's also easy to find a reasonably priced B&B Venice that offers great quality. The streets fill up with children playing, Venetians going about their daily lives and tourists exploring the beauty the city has to offer. Visiting museums is hassle-free and at this time lines are still short...why not, it's also possible to visit the Lido of Venice and spend some time on the beach to take a little sun. At the Lido there are elegant and beautiful bars where you can enjoy a drink while watching the sunset in front of the sea on the beach or in the historic center of Venice you can dine outside and breath the wonderful air of this unique city.

The city awakens in spring and a trip to Venice will be full of surprises, markets around the city, small neighborhood celebrations and many local initiatives that will help you enjoy Venice not just as a city of major world renown events but also as the city of everyday Venetians. It's like all Italian cities, the small things are the most beautiful, a universally loved culture inside a city that still has a provincial feel.

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