What to see around Rome's Palatine Hill.

What to see around Rome's Palatine Hill.

On the Palatine hill of Rome there are numerous things to do and see, this is why we recommend a weekend in one of Rome's central bed and breakfasts to fully enjoy the experience. Amongst the must sees of the Palatine Rome is the Flavian Palace, the palatine museum and antiquarium, the stadium, the House of Augustus, the huts of the iron age, the House of Livia, the Farnese gardens and the Domus Severiana.
The Flavian Palace: today only the remains of two fountains are left, the building's purpose was to act of a wing to a great imperial palace in 81 A.D built by Domziano. The house of Livia: Dating back to the 1st century B.C, the house is now found below the level of surrounding land and was home to Augustus and his second wife.
Today we can still see some of the old building and floor mosaics.
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Iron Age huts: three huts dating back to the ninth century and were brought to light during the forties. According to the legend, this village was founded by Romulus himself. Domus Severiana: collapsed walls and huge arches form what remains of this old house, which was built by Emperor Septimius Severus in the second century AD.

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