The Unique Street of Venice, Via Garibaldi.

The Unique Street of Venice, Via Garibaldi.

Venice is one of the world's unique cities, not only for its artistic beauty, but because it is the only city in the world that's streets are not paved or made of asphalt, but of water, the “Canal Grande”. If, on the other hand, you would like to visit the only walkable Venetian street, pop down to Via Garibaldi in the Sestiere area, part of the Castello district.

Sestiere Castello is on the eastern side of Venice. One may note that the city of Venice is fish shaped, Sestiere Castello being the tail, and Via Garibaldi itself divides the “Sestiere” through the middle. It is possible to get here from the island of San Pietro, or from the cathedral, Basilica della Salute, on the other side. The only Venetian street -the others are considered alleys or “calli”- with a history dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, was born as a result of both the land-filling of the canal and joining the foundations of the stretches of road that run along a canal or a river.

In the beginning the street was dedicated to the viceroy of Italy, Eugène Beauharnais and in the early the 800s the street was in fact called Via Eugenia, but following the Garibalini enterprise era it was renamed after the Hero of Two Worlds. Via Garibaldi in Venice is a well loved street where the market can be found of a morning, in the the afternoon children play ball and in the evening time youngsters meet at its various cafes and restaurants.

Booking accommodation in Venice you can enjoy the uniqueness of the city from the lagoon and visit a hidden Venice that may escape the eye of many a fretful tourist.

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