The National Gallery of Ancient Art at Palazzo Barberini

The National Gallery of Ancient Art at Palazzo Barberini

Coming from Via del Corso, after Via del Tritone and arriving at Piazza Barberini, on this city centre stroll you will find yourself in front of one of the antique buildings of Rome, Palazzo Barberini. Today Palazzo Barberini is the home to the National Antique Art Gallery, as is Palazzo Corsini on via Della Lungara. Many years ago, Palazzo Barberini was owned by the Barberini family that entrusted the building of the structure to the Swiss architect Carlo Maderno in 1627, but two years later the architect died and the work was carried on under the direction of Bernini and Borromini also worked upon the project, giving the palazzo it's signature helical staircase.

Booking a Rome Via Veneto B&B, you will have the possibility to get to the Rome historical building on foot, the entrance being on Via Quattro Fontane,  13. Once you have entered the building, you can see both the inside with the staircase and the glass loggia along with the ceiling of the main room in fresco by Pietro de Cortona with his "Trionfo della Divina Provvidenza", example of Roman Baroque art.  The permanent exhibition contains works such as Judith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio, La Fornarina by Raffaello and Cristo e l'Adulteria by Tintoretto. It is worth while visiting Palazzo Barberini just for this. If you add the Guercino and Caravaggio exhibitions to your stay in Rome, art lovers will have a truly unique holiday.

NB: From July 2014 entry is free on the first Sunday of every month.

Prices of tickets for entry: Palazzo Barberini gallery + Palazzo Corsini gallery full price €9,00 / reduced €4.50 (valid for 3 days)

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