Short trip through the films of Ettore Scola that were filmed in Rome

Short trip through the films of Ettore Scola that were filmed in Rome

Just a few days ago, the world of cinema lost a film genius in Ettore Scola. The director of Irpinia origin and Roman upbringing, winner of illustrious filmmaking awards and many times nominated at the Oscars, made many of his masterpieces in Rome. Who does not remember the scene with the sheets in“ A Special Day ”? Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni acted out one of the most famous scenes of their careers on the terrace of Palazzo Federici, where most of the movie was filmed in Rome in 1974. The building can be found in Viale XXI, which is situated close to piazza Bologna, just past the barracks of the financial police and not far from the university area of the city.
If from your Rome B&B , you would like to go and see the building where Antonietta and Gabriele made history - the characters played by Sofia Loren and Mastroianni- you just have to get to piazza Bologna, take a stroll along the viale XXI aprile and ask the doorman of the building.

Once you are inside, you can see the courtyard from Ettore Scola’s film with your own eyes. Another place to visit from the Scola films is the square before the Cesare Battisti school, piazza Damiano Sauli, in the Garbatella area where Nino Manfredi, Stefania Sandrelli and Vittorio Gassman were part of “We All Loved Each Other So Much” in the scene of the night vigil for the enrollment to school.

This is one of the most important scenes in the film, not only because they sociologically analyze Rome and Italy in the 70’s, but also because the protagonists find each other after a lot of time has passed and they make a certain balance of their lives. To end this short trip through the films of Ettore Scola, let’s mention “The Family”, which was filmed in a flat in the Prati area of the city, a real and historical fresco from the beginning of the ‘900’s up to the middle of the 80’s of last century.

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