Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015

It will surely be the most important event that Italy has ever organised, we will be the world’s centre of attention with the Milan Expo. We know that there have been universal problems with the recent events and we know that not everything has gone the right way but this is surely an occasion that Italy can not waste… we have the possibility to make history. The inauguration shall be on 1st May of the Expo Milano 2015’s “Arts & Food” and every corner of our beautiful country will be represented in the various booths of the fair.

We have to get a move on to buy tickets and book our Milan B&B otherwise it will be really hard to do so. The Milan Expo will be an explosion of colour and taste, just like our beautiful country: culture, good food, sun, sea, colour, welcoming, heat… everything will be represented and this has to be shown to the world of people who come to visit.

It goes without saying that not seeing a fair of this type is out of the question, so we would like to inform you that you could even book a bed and breakfast outside of Milan, not necessarily close to the city, for example in Florence or Rome, even Bologna would be a nice idea. You could take a trip in one of Italy’s beautiful cities and get to the Milan Expo with the fast intercity train.

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