April 25th, 2019 in Venice | What to do and where to sleep

April 25th, 2019 in Venice | What to do and where to sleep

April 25th is coming. And you, are you ready to leave?

Today BBItalia suggests Venice, the famous city on the water situated in the North of Italy and envied by everybody in the world.
This is the best place to spend a lovely spring holiday, thanks to its picturesque glimpses, bridges, canals and the romantic atmosphere. Don’t you believe it? I’m going to explain to you why.

Although April is considered off-season, this is the time when the city wakes up: tourists start to swarm the streets, restaurants, and cafès open, flowers on the windowsills bloom and the weather is getting warmer. The temperatures, indeed, let you visit the city in complete peace of mind, making all the activities outside pleasant, such as the classic gondola ride, Vaporetto ride along Canal Grande, the walk on Piazza San Marco, the visit of the lagoon isles (Murano, Burano, and Torcello). 

If this was not enough to convince you, we remind you that on April 25, the liberation of Italy day, Venice celebrates Saint Marco Festival and Bocolo Festival

Bocolo Festival

The legend of the Bocolo (or Boccolo) has two versions, one more tragic and the other one with a happy ending.
The first version narrates the love between Vulcana and Tancredi, two young people whose love was hindered by the different origins of their families. Tancredi, who went to war, was mortally wounded in battle and, falling on a rosebush, it dyed with his own blood a bud of roses. Before dying, Tancredi asked the friend Orlando to deliver the bud to the beloved Vulcana but on April 25, the day later to have received the gift, Vulcana was found dead on her bed with the bud leaned on the breast.
The second version tells about the love at first sight between the two young people whose families were hostile. Their gardens were separated from a rosebush without flowers which started to bloom again on April 25, the day when the two fell in love with each other. From that rosebush Tancredi detached a bud that gave to Vulcana, restoring the peace between the two families. It is in memory of that love that the Venetians offer still today the red bud to their beloved.

St. Mark Festival

St. Mark Festival is celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of Mark the evangelist’s death, patron of Venice.
The relics were covertly recovered by two Venetians in 828 and transported from Alexandria of Egypt to Venice. The cargo, which was considered impure, overcame the Eastern customs without any control and it reached Venice acclaimed by the whole city. In this way St. Mark became the patron of it, symbolized by a winged lion armed with sword and with a book among the paws. During the day it is possible to assist to the procession in the Basilica of St. Mark, in which the religious and civil authorities of the city participate, as to the times of the Serene Republic, and to walk in St. Mark Square where, every year, stands are prepared where to purchase the rosebud.

If our small guide about what to do in Venice on April 25 has convinced you, plan your trip and book now a facility in Venice with BBItalia.

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