To the discovery of Palermo: 5 attractions to see in a weekend

To the discovery of Palermo: 5 attractions to see in a weekend

Sicily is the region famous all over the world for its clear sea, wild nature but also for its city rich in history, art and culture.

Today BBItalia suggest you Palermo, the main town of the region whose Arabic and Norman influences can be reflected in the architecture of its buildings, art, and folk traditions.

The city is rich in historical monuments which are worth to see and this is why we suggest you to stay for more than a weekend in order to dedicate it a more in-depth visit. If this is not possible we advise you 5 attractions you can visit in just one weekend and you can’t miss.

Palermo Cathedral: also known as “cattedrale metropolitana primaziale della Santa Vergine Maria Assunta”, it is the main place of the cult of the city but also the Episcopalian center of the metropolitan archdiocese. Just for its beauty and the multicultural influences, in 2015 it has become part of the UNESCO.

Massimo Theater: The theater, known also as Massimo Vittorio Emanuele Theater is the greatest opera theatrical building in Italy and the third one in Europe, after the Opéra National in Paris and the Staatsopera in Vienna. The theater is known for its great proportions and it’s constituted by environments of representation, halls, galleries and monumental staircases that surround the whole structure.

Norman Palace: Norman Palace, known also as Royal Palace, is one of the monuments most visited in Sicily and is, currently, the center of the regional meeting. The building is the most ancient real residence in Europe, abode of the sovereigns of the Kingdom of Sicily, imperial center with Fred II and Conrad IV and of the historical Sicilian Parliament. As the Palermo Cathedral, it also became part of UNESCO in 2015.

Quattro Canti: also know as Piazza Villena, Quattro Canti is an octagonal square to the intersection of the two principal road aces in Palermo: the street Maqueda and Street Vittorio Emanuele. The intersection also delineates the four areas in which, once, Palermo was divided: Royal Palace, Mezzomonreale, Castellammare and Oreto, each of which was submitted to a saint.

Monreale Duomo: The cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova is one of the main places of Catholic cult in Monreale, archbishop center of the homonym archdiocese. Famous for the rich Byzantine mosaics that decorate the interiors, in 2015 became part of UNESCO.

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