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BBItalia.it is the largest circuit of Bed & Breakfasts in Italy.

Today we represent 5,000 associated B&B's in over 546 locations nationwide. Last year alone we welcomed over 7,500 guests from 106 different countries, an increase of over 20% which was significantly greater than the market average. Our group was founded in 1995 by a group of specialists in the marketing and tourism sector.

Their goal was to bring a new tourism formula to Italy, which had already been tried and tested worldwide, while maintaining the same superior standards of quality and care that have made Bed & Breakfast famous predominantly in those Anglo Saxon countries where it represents an alternative to the existing traditional structures.

Our activities are basically centred round two main areas: the selection and control of our associated B&B's by a group of specially trained and selected individuals in the various locations, and secondly our Call Centre which is ready to deal with any client requests for information or for taking reservations in 5 languages. On top of this, there is our website that can be found at www.bbitalia.it which is the only one of its kind in Europe - offering a rapid online reservation service and thousands of photographs and useful information to satisfy you're every need.

In 2005, the Paris City Council specifically chose our company to develop the first ever Bed & Breakfast in the city of Paris (Check us out at: www.2binparis.com) conferring us with the 'Hôtes Qualité Paris' seal of approval for top quality in recognition of the competency and professionalism with which we run of Bed & Breakfast's.

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Has come B&B to Paris!

Here are the firstB&B in Paris, chosen with the utmost care in the heart of the city near all major attractions. Guaranteed by the HQP mark of quality, granted by the City Council. With over 200 apartments and houses offering 500 different options spread throughout Paris, we are able to satisfy any request.

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