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The Portico Domus Aurea

The Portico Domus Aurea

Finally the waiting is over! Until 29th March it is possible to visit the Domus Aurea strictlyon the weekend with a guide through the portico and you will learn of one of the 6 most important archeological sites in the world.

The restoration and renovation project has proved very ambitious and you can see exactly how much work is going into the Domus Aurea. The value of our history is extremely important, not only to maintain the true evidence of our past, but also as a way to attract tourism for our economy. 

The visit to the Domus Aurea has 15 stops that illustrate the progress of the area and is a true walk through time. It is easy to participate in this extraordinary event and to feel part of of it as if you were an archeologist; booking just a weekend in Rome is sufficient, remember that until 31st March you can find B&Bs in the city centre of Rome at only 49 euro for a double room not to mention many more discounted up to 40%.

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