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Typical Roman fraschetta and trattoria restaurants

Typical Roman fraschetta and trattoria restaurants

If you are in Rome and find yourself being invited to GO TO A FRASCHETTA IN ROME it means you’re being invited to a typical restaurant where you can savour typical Roman dishes: from sandwiches with the famous spicy Ariccia pork, to the “coda alla vaccinara” oxtail stew and the Roman lamb hotpot known as “abbacchio” as well as various dishes based on beans such as Borlotti beans with pork rind. In this type of restaurant service is of a minimum and it is possible to find paper tablecloths and napkins and small menus with traditional dishes.

Er buchetto Roman tavern – Via del Viminale, 2F. A truly authentic Roman fraschetta / tavern, where just bread, spicy pork, cheese and red wine are served at really honest prices. This is the Er buchetto tavern – the Roman dialect word for ‘il buco – the hole’ in the sense of a very small place. This tiny centenary tavern has been near Termini Station in via del Viminale 2F since 1890 and is decorated in rustic style with wooden furniture.

Er Faciolaro pizzeria –Pantheon Area. Over time, the number of fraschetta restaurants in the old town centre has diminished but some typical local eating places have remained and are now part of Roman myth and history. One of these is called Er Faciolaro, which in dialect means the person who cooks beans. This restaurant is in via dei Pastini 123, in the Pantheon neighbourhood (tel. 06.6783896 - e-mail: Closed Tuesdays, it also has outdoor seating and air-conditioning. It serves pizza but its specialities are bean soups.

Pizzeria ai Marmi -Trastevere. Another traditional place to eat is the Pizzeria ai Marmi called such due to its marble (marmi) tables. For generations, this restaurant has been a favourite with young Romans who refer to it as ‘the morgue’ It is situated in Viale Di Trastevere, n. 53 (tel. 06 5800919). This pizzeria is a symbol of Roman nightlife and is open until late and has great service. Patrons can enjoy oven baked pizzas and above all the famous ‘telephone’ supplì that are fried rice balls with melted mozzarella, not to mention the ‘ al fiasco’ bean dish.

Una botte e via… Fraschetta – Piazza Mazzini. And as further proof that good traditions never die, we’re including this small, newly opened spot that serves delicious spicy pork sandwiches as well as wine and soft drinks, following in the footsteps of the traditional fraschettas. It’s situated in Via Pietro Borsieri and furnished with authentic wine barrels!

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