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Easter 2019 in Florence: the explosion of the chart

Easter 2019 in Florence: the explosion of the chart

Every year Florence celebrates the Easter Sunday with one of its more traditional events: the explosion of the cart.
This tradition is from 1622 and provides that the chart, called “Brindellone”, is dragged by two oxen by the streets of Florence until Duomo Square.

This celebration arises from the tale of the young Pazzino de’ Pazzi, member of the noble Pazzi family, who during the First Crusade of the Holy War, had the courage to climb the wall of Jerusalem and rise the Christian banner, enough to get as gift three flints from Holy Sepulchre. The flints that Pazzino brought with him to the end of the crusade, represent a very precious religious treasure for Florence and are guarded in the SS. Apostoles Church.

The ceremony begins at 10 am with the priest who lights the Easter candle thanks to the sparkles produced by the friction of the three flints. The candle, in turn, is used to burn the coals that are inside the container of Brindellone. The chart, followed by the historical procession, is dragged from storage of Prato to Duomo Square. In this moment the Florence Republic Procession reaches the Republic square where the flag wavers of the Uffizi will kick off their show.

During the Easter Mass, the archbishop lights the flare in the shape of a dove, called “Colombina” and the symbol of Holy Spirit, with the flint’s fragments. Then the flare, tied to a wire, hits the chart creating a spectacular fireworks show.

An event you can’t miss if you want to spend your Easter in Florence.
f you don’t know where to sleep we advise you to take a look at our structures.
We remind you that the event is completely free and will take place on April 21st in Duomo Square at 10 am. 

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