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8 March: Best wishes to all the women!

8 March: Best wishes to all the women!

Very often we think celebrating this day only on the 8 March is an affront to women, or that offering the famous bouquet of mimosa only on the 8 March is a joke. On the one hand it's true that Women's Day, the essential role of women within society, in family and in all walks of life should always be recognized and not just celebrated once a year but it's also true that to remind everyone how important women are with Women's Day helps emphasize their value.

I believe that women themselves should take their time, all mothers, workers, housewives, grandmothers and everyone who are all these things in one. And not just to go out with friends on the evening of the 8 March but also to treat themselves to a special weekend that goes beyond a simple day but that can be an opportunity to take a trip in a splendid city like Rome, for example and spend two days with a best friend or mother or daughter...everything dedicated to femininity.

Lets take some initiative to celebrate, gratify and energize ourselves with a little time-off and forget all our commitments for just a moment. There are many hostels Rome available to enjoy a weekend and they are all top quality. For a weekend, two days during the week...there are no rules, there are no fixed days, Women's Day is everyday all year long! Cheers to all women everywhere!

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