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Palermo. A perfect mix of art, culture, sea and good food.

Palermo. A perfect mix of art, culture, sea and good food.

If you still havent managed to visit Sicily and you love art, culture, the sea and good food, it’s time to book your holidays in Palermo. Thanks to low cost flights to Palermo and to the possibilità to stay in a Palermo bed and breakfast, it’s an opportunità not to be missed.

Many are the things to see and do in Palermo, starting with the cathedral- a fine example of various stiles of architecture, from catalan gothic to neoclassic of the 800’s.Moving on to the Church of Marorana that preserves the arabic style along with the oldest Byzantine mosaics in Sicily. In additino to the churches to visit, while in Palermo you must see the Norman Palace, which is enriched with Byzantine mosaics.

The palace was once of Roger II and, after WWII was headquarters of the Regional Council of Sicily. Another couple of must-sees for your stay in Palermo are  the neighborhood markets: Ballarò, near the train station and the Vucciria, near the church of the Martorana. The scents and colors of these markets of Palermo will mark a fine sensory experience, not to mention the good food, hardly findable elsewhere. The cuisine of Palermo from rice “arancine” to sweet “cannoli” will leave a great memory for your tastebuds!

Staying in a Bed and Breakfast you can ask for original recipes from families of  Palermo, who will accomodate you. Upon your return home, you can experiment in the kitchen in a dinner with your loved ones.

A holiday in Palermo will enrich your cultural and gastronomic wellbeing like few other places in the world.

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