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Vatican, Pantheon,Sistine Chapel ,Trevi Fountain in Venice

by SARA C. (14/05/2018 12:32:41)

We decided to try our luck with a Bed and Breakfast in Rome city centre. I found a nice place a stones throw from the Vatican. It was a nice 2 bedroom apartment (great for two couples) with a kitchen and bath. We visited the Vatican, the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Of course we visited during the typical tourist season so all of these places were fairly crowded, but I didn't find it any different than a theme park. The Pantheon seemed oddly placed right in the middle of a residential area, but I guess that's to be expected when things grow up around you. Trevi Fountain was amazing. so many features, you can spend an hour just looking at it from different angles.
At the Pizzale di Ponte Milvio we ate at a restaurant called Antica Trattoria Pallotta. The Gnocchi Imperial was fantastic! The gnocchi was very light and fluffy. The only downside was the calamari was overcooked, but it wasn't enough to knock this dish out as the best thing I ate in all of Europe!

1) Tons of history to see, the Sistine Chapel was very eye opening and breath taking view. Unfortunately you couldn't take any of your own pictures. 2) The food really is pretty good and extremely varied 3) With a map of the city you can get around pretty easily with the bus system and the people were very pleasant!

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Gondola ride in Venice

by LYNDA C. (11/07/2011 06:58:15)

Gondola ride was great. We really like Saint Mark's, the Basilica and the Doge's palace. Very impressed that what we thought were paintings were mosaics. Murano glass factory was dissappointing however.  People were very friendly. All the various boats and ships were very interesting. The vaporetto system is unique and pretty easy to get the hang of.

A couple of places right on the water were very good. The waiters joked with us and were very entertaining. One was on the Granda Canal in the Rialto area, the other was between the Zaccaria and Arsenal stops. We also got food in a couple of local area markets that was very good. The people were great wherever we went.

My family couldn't wait to climd up to the balcony of the Basilica and look out onto the square. Once there, we found that the area actually tips OUT and DOWN! This made things very scary, but the view made it well worth it. My teens also thought the grafitti was interesting. Most were either song lyrics or love notes.

Venice is worth seeing because it is truly a unique city. No other city in the world has the waterways for streets or the great history that makes Venice what it is. You can see the pride people have in their city. It made us sad when we saw people littering or disrespecting the monuments. It took us a few days to get our "land legs" back.

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