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Churches in Syracuse

by KYLA W. (07/05/2010 18:28:36)

Ortigia has the castle, of course, and even an aquarium. Their are a few Churches in is amazing with original columns inside the Church and stained glass, marble, etc...and there are so many fun little side streets view picturesque views...lemon trees, the sea, bakeries and all their fun pasteries. Siracusa had some fun places to visit like a museum, the catacombs, the archeological excavation and Madona's "church". All a short 5 min. ride on the little bus that passes close to the B&B...and the bus is FREE.

Lil Blue - just around the corner for the B&B. Lots of fun restaurants, right on the water just across the way on the other side of Ortigia a short 2-3 min. walk away. All the food is good and the wine is amazing. The views from many of the restaurants are amazing, especially the sunset on the aquarium side of town.

There are two small busses...One goes to Siracusa, but if you get on the other one it just takes you to the parking lot on the side of town and then back into Ortigia again. So make sure to get on the correct small bus going to Siracusa or you will end up at the parking lot instead of Siracusa. *smile*

Nice, old world, relaxing place with beautiful views of the very blue ocean that is also clear in shallow locations. If you are looking for a relaxing, slow paced place to stay this area is it. Then when you want more action head into Siracusa, just a small treck away by bus or car. There is about 1-2 days worth to do/see on Ortigia depending on how fast you walk and if you want to pay to see attractions.

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