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B&B,Coliseum,Roman Forum,Castel Sant Angelo in Rome

by OLGA C. (15/05/2018 12:32:41)

We stayed in a B&B easy walking distance of 'the top tourist sights' (assuming you are fit and able) Felt like the 'real' Rome Lots of very affordable bars and restaurants. Coliseum and Roman Forum really created a step back in time feeling.The guided tour around the Roman Forum was very informative and very well led. St Peters Basillica Castel Sant Angelo isn't often on the main to do list but it's worth it for the views back across the city . Would recommed two nice restaurants both located in Trastevere and recommended by our host - Taverna de Mercanti - great open grill chicken or lamb / wood burning pizza oven. Very rustic old taverna building. Just off Via di San Michele. Also Ristorante le Mani in Pasta - Via dei Genovesi, 37. Just fantastic food and superb atmosphere. Small doorway easily missed. You would not notice it if you were not looking for it.



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Vatican Museums, the Museum Capitolini, the Sistine Chapel in Rome

by BENNY K. (06/01/2018 15:27:11)

All the major roman spots very interesting, but the following stand out - The Vatican Museums, The Pantheon, The Piazza Navone, Museum Capitolini.The sites were all tremendously impressive, and well maintained. We spent some time in the Sistine Chapel admiring the wealth of decoration and the skills of the artists, not least Michael Angelo .
Local Restaurants in Trastevere within walking distance of our accommodation. L'Antica Roma-Via Alberto Mario, Mfkmo Osteria Mangiafuoco-Via Alessandro Poerio We had good local food, freshly prepared, flavorsome, and good value for money. Menus were comprehensive and the wine not overpriced. Good friendly service.
We tried to speak in Italian, but with limited language, we had to ask for information in English, but we found the local people very helpful, and willing to laugh with us about our terrible pronunciation! On our final train journey to the Airport we could not find a machine ti validate our ticket, but the ticket inspector just smiled, nodded, and all was well !
It was to celebrate my 70th birthday and I could not have wished for a better place to be. Each day was full of new and interesting sights to see, fabulous architecture from the past that still informs and impresses today To be able to visit so many historic sites within walking distance of each other.

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Vatican, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo in Rome

by KARYN B. (20/12/2017 13:02:06)

Accidentally discovering the viewpoint from the top of Avenue Garibaldi was a thrilling surprise. The Vatican tour was splendid and we happened to hear the Pope's service on the day of his birthday!! Wandering through the gardens of the Palazzo Venezia were magnificent. A great experience overalll.
Great meals all around, enjoyed the food at Macchéroni, located in the bustling neighborhood behind the piazza Navona and filled with tourists and Romans alike, Alla Rampa, behind the Spanish steps was a wonderful surprise with opera singers in the square beside the restaurant, and hosteria La Botticella, a quiet little delight in the Trastevere area.
Our surprise entry into the Basilica Santa Maria in Montesanto, piazza del Popolo where an all female choir was performing was simply magical. We were simply escaping from the rain on this pre-christmas weekend and ran into this great performance, very heartwarming. an enchantment.
Rome is a glorious city full of beautiful places, people and architecture, and the hotel near the Piazza Navona was just perfect. Italian gastronomy is incomparable, the people welcoming, and always something simply beautiful to look at around every corner.

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Delightful atmosphere in Rome

by RYBNICEK P. (22/07/2010 09:17:26)

It was the first visite of my friend in Rome, so the classical line: from Piazza Popolo to Colosseum. Daily Vatican. I love all of them.
We were in Rome with our small dog (westie) Tessie. She knows Rome as a wery good guide. But in 42 centigrades she did only several steps on the hot black pavement every time and unhappily looked at me. I had to carry her on my arms all the time. She also as the first of us found out and derived benefit from the fact that all the shops are air-conditioned. :-)
Gorgeous town, the only one in the world
first-hand contact with European history
Vatican City, centre of Christianity
delightful atmosphere at the B&B Vaticano

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Experience in Rome

by OWEN H. (11/07/2010 23:51:12)

-Capuchin cemetery - don't read anything about this before you go - just go
-Galleria Borghese - absolutely wonderful collection and small so it can be done in under 2 hours
-Pantheon - just amazing, never seen engineering like it
-trevi fountain of course has to be done
-piazza navona is probably my favourite evening place in the city.

from the B&B near St. Peter if you cross the river and head down towards Trastevere, there are just fantastic italian eateries which have 'fixed price' menues - i.e. an entree, pasta dish, main and desert plus water and wine all for €15-20 - it's where the italians go out to eat, and it's great! Off the tourist trail so you get real value

Communication is always a little bit of an issue, but I find that most italian can speak at least enough passable english for the foreign traveller t

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Delightful atmosphere in Rome

Experience in Rome
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