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Informazioni turistiche Sicilia

SICILIA Choosing a tourist itinerary in Sicily often means having to decide between historical and archaeological heritage or nature and maritime spots. But when the two faces of Sicily come together, as in the case of Taormina, Salina, Lipari Milazzo and Lampedusa, the scenery is breathtaking. Sicily shows evident signs of various invasions especially the Greek invasion. Siracusa with the Temple of Apollo and the Archaeological Park of Neapolis and Agrigento with its Valley of Temples are just a few examples of how the Hellenic culture deeply left its mark on the island of Sicily. All over the island are strong reminders not only of Byzantine and Norman domination but also of Arab domination. The nine Sicilian provinces: Caltanisetta, the splendid Catania, Enna, Messina, Ragusa, Trapani, the majestic Palermo and the aforementioned Agrigento and Siracusa, without distinction, all offer priceless historical architecture. Palermo, the chief town, conserves evidence of all the invasions on Sicily, offering tourists various gastronomic and artistic choices. It is not possible to forget the hundreds of enchanting seaside resorts that Sicily has to offer; among which we recommend: Alicudi, Capo D’orlando, Cefalù, the Naxos Gardens, Panarea, Pantelleria, together with Vulcano Stromboli and Ustica. Finally, no visit to Sicily would be complete for nature lovers without a visit to Mount Etna.

Sicily welcomes thousands of guests every year and offers a wide and varied range of accommodation choices. Hotels, guest houses, rooms-to-let, self catering apartments and holiday resorts are available all over Sicily. Youth hostels and camp sites situated all over Sicily offer different possibilities for young people.
A fun and cheap alternative for accommodation and overnight stays in Sicily is the Bed & Breakfast option.
The B&Bs in Sicily are rooms, bedrooms or small apartments that offer overnight stays and breakfast in a welcoming family environment at a good price.
Sicily’s Bed & Breakfasts cover a widespread area from the outskirts to the old town centre of many cities. There are hundreds of Bed & Breakfasts in Palermo, all renowned for their attention to detail and hospitality.