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Informazioni turistiche Sardegna

SARDEGNA Sardinia is a very unique island and although it is to all effects a part of Italy, it jealously holds on to its linguistic and cultural traditions that are not to be found in any other part of Italy. Sardinia is a very old island and its schistose and granite mountains are believed to have formed over 600 million years ago. It has often played a role in the myth of Atlantis. Actually, many experts identify Sardinia as the location of the lost mythological civilization of Atlantis. Sardinia is an important mineral region. It is rich in lignite, zinc, lead and antimony but its main activity after sheep and goat farming, is Tourism. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful and most visited islands. There are numerous famous seaside resorts all over Sardinia: Alghero, Costa Paradiso, Golfo Aranci, Iglesias, La Maddalena, Porto Torres, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Olbia, Porto Cervo and the Emerald Coast. Crystal clear water, inlets, gulfs and breathtaking beaches make Sardinia one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean.
Sardinia’s provinces are: Cagliari, Nuoro, Oristano and Sassari .
Cagliari is an ancient city. Even at the time of the Carthaginians it was already considered an important city and suffered various invasions by the Roman Vandals and Pisans. Today’s Calgiari however, offers its tourists entire eighteenth and nineteenth century quarters enriched and marked by Piemontese and Ligurian architectural rhythms. Another city where the Piemontese influence is strongly felt is Sassari. Outside the central nucleus of the city, the town planning has the mark of the House of Savoy.
Another locality well loved by tourists for its thermal baths is Tempio Pausania.

Sardinia welcomes thousands of guests every year and offers a wide and varied range of accommodation choices. Hotels, guest houses, rooms-to-let, self catering apartments, holiday villages and holiday resorts are available all over Sardinia. Youth hostels and camp sites situated in Sardinia offer different possibilities for young people
A practical and cheap solution for accommodation and overnight stays in Cagliari and throughout Sardinia is the Bed & Breakfast option.
The B&Bs in Sardinia are rooms, bedrooms or small apartments that offer overnight stays and breakfast in a welcoming family environment at a good price.
Sardinia’s Bed & Breakfasts cover a widespread area from the outskirts to the old town centre of many towns and cities. The Bed & Breakfasts in Cagliari, Sassari and Oristano are all renowned for their attention to detail and hospitality.