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Informazioni turistiche Molise

MOLISE Molise is strongly characterized by the presence of the Apennine Arch which forms dolina gorges and caves rich in limestone, clay and marble. The Adriatic coast represents the prettiest part of the level terrain of Molise. Molise’s provinces are: Campobasso and Isernia.
Campobasso is to be found in the high basin of the Biferno on the slopes of the Sannio and Matese mountains. This city of Lombard origin still clearly shows an urban development strongly dominated by the old castle. Famous worldwide for its century old tradition of knife and sword blade manufacture which today is remembered in the ‘Sagra dei Misteri’. Isernia rises out of two deep valleys, on top a spur of travertine. The new part of the city has been developed towards the mountain and has been reconstructed more than once, as the city of Isernia was destroyed by both nature and wars during the last millennium. The city has visible signs of the Samnite influence.
Termoli is Molise’s main seaside town. It faces onto the Adriatic and has over time become a port of shipment for the eastern countries and the Tremiti Islands.

Molise welcomes thousands of guests every year and offers a wide and varied range of accommodation choices. Hotels, guest houses, rooms-to-let, self catering apartments, and holiday resorts are available all over Basilicata. Youth hostels and camp sites situated in Molise, offer different possibilities for young people.
A practical and cheap solution for accommodation and overnight stays in Campobasso, Isernia and all over Molise is the Bed & Breakfast option.
The B&Bs in Molise are rooms, bedrooms or small apartments that offer overnight stays and breakfast in a welcoming family environment at a good price.
Molise’s Bed & Breakfasts cover a widespread area from the outskirts to the old town centre of many cities and towns. The Bed & Breakfasts in Campobasso and Isernia are all renowned for their attention to detail and hospitality.