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Informazioni turistiche Emilia Romagna

EMILIA ROMAGNA Emilia Romagna is one of Italy’s richest regions. The Ligurian and Bolognese Apennines run through the region and the River Po proudly flows down the middle of the Emilian plain. Emilia Romagna’s provinces are: Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, Rimini.
Bologna is a rich, charming city full of diverse architectural periods and styles that are often fused together. Its medieval centre has mainly seventh and eighth century architecture, with porticos which are useful during the harsh weather, all within its fourth century walls. The spots to see for tourists are: the Leaning Towers of the Asinelli, and Neptune’s Fountain.
Ferrara, of less ancient origins, still preserves the evidence of its three centuries as capital city and of the elegant court of its numerous princes, behind its walls. Ravenna, has always been an important maritime city and has therefore witnessed many important historical events and dominations. Of Ravenna’s many monuments, the most famous are Dante’s Museum and Tomb and the various monuments built by and for the Goth king, Teodorico.
In truth all of Emilia Romagna’s provinces deserve a visit for the historical and architectural heritage they have to offer. However, in reality Emilia Romagna is also, or should we say, above all, the coast, beaches and the sea… in a nut shell: the Romagnola Riviera.
Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Cesenatico, Bellaria Igea Marina to name but a few of the most famous seaside towns on the Adriatic Riviera. Emilia Romagna has also an abundance of important thermal spa resorts, among which are Castro Caro Terme, Salso Maggiore and San Marino.
Emilia Romagna welcomes thousands of guests every year and offers a wide and varied range of accommodation choices. Hotels, guest houses, rooms-to-let, self catering apartments, holiday villages and holiday resorts are available all over the region. Youth hostels and camp sites situated all over Emilia Romagna , offer different possibilities for young people.
A practical and cheap solution for accommodation and overnight stays in Bologna, Ravenna and Rimini and all over Emilia Romagna is the Bed & Breakfast option.
The B&Bs in Emilia Romagna are rooms, bedrooms or small apartments that offer overnight stays and breakfast in a welcoming family environment at a good price.
Emilia Romagna’s Bed & Breakfasts cover a widespread area from the outskirts to the old town centre of many towns and cities. The Bed & Breakfasts in Bologna, Modena and Ferrara are all renowned for their attention to detail and hospitality.