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History and Tours in Rome

by AARON N. (15/10/2010 04:51:23)

Colosseum, Vatican (too expensive though), Pantheon, Fountains, Churches, St. Angelo Castle etc....... DO THE TOURS.... pay the $$ because you wont learn any where NEAR what you could have.

Lots of Churches and Museums... each one will show a part of what Rome is... Painting are abundant along with Sculptures.
any small side shop... they were all quite good. Be conscious though ... side of the Colosseum has a street with 5 or 6 places to choose from

you dont have to pay more than 10E for a great meal... Wine is 3-6E a bottle for some great wine.

tipping is max of 10%

You can always find a restaurant with a view of some sort of great view..
We did the Colosseum tour and the tour guide offered a back alley tour that evening for an extra $20E each...... was amazing... got to touch a Michelangelo

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Tour of the Vatican in Rome

by PAUL W. (16/10/2010 22:43:28)

The early AM small group tour of the Vatican was well worth the price to skip the lines and see everything without a crowd in every photo!! There are many stairs over a 3 hr. tour and floors can be very slippery if there is rain...Be prepared with comfortable shoes and rain gear. If the weather is hot, also plan to carry a bottle of water in your travels.
We had the best lunch and felt the most Italian atmosphere in a small restaurant about a block from the Colosseum and around the corner from the Metro stop. It was called Cafe' Cafe'. Inexpensive and family owned...lots of personality!!

Across from our B&B Termini was the train station and an abundance of shopping and grocery market. Our kitchen was small but fullyequipped to prepare our own Italian feast with wine and candles!
The trains are very

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stay in Stresa

by ANNE M. (30/10/2010 00:16:43)

We enjoyed the botanical garden at Taranto, and the village of Orta on Lago D'Orta. We arrived too late in the season to see the Isle of Bella which would have been also very interesting. The town of Stresa wasn't that great, but luckily we saw some of the other regions. We had driven from Ascona and got to enjoy seeing Locarno and some of it's highlights with a good meal there at the Osteria Chiara.

This excellent restaurant in the hills above Stresa, in Vezzo is called Ristorante Verbena. Paloa Verbena was a wonderful hostess and served delicious food. Please pass it on.

Our host made a corsage for me from flowers and plants from his garden that I managed to get past customs. He is 83 years old and quite the charmer. He called himself a "Domestic Assistant" to his wife. However, he made the best croissants I've ever had and served them both mornings. He was very helpful with maps and directions and we did everything he told us to do! Only r

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Ancient history in Rome

by HUTCHENS, A. (08/10/2010 12:28:58)

Colleseum, Roman Forum, Vatican.
I love ancient history of Rome and to be in the place where it all happened was amazing! Walking in the places where people have walked for so many centuries has such a mysterious air about it. Touching stones and bricks laid by people more than 2000 years ago gives a feeling of connectivity with history, especially coming from a young country like New Zealand where a 100 year old building is heritage listed!

The place recommeded to us by our host, it was down the street with a witch on the front (can´t remember the name). We really appreciated that recommendation! It was very busy, but the service was fast and the food delicious. You could tell it was where locals went rather than tourists, which was quite refeshing after so many over priced tourist traps in the centre.
After just missing the metro because it had closed for the night, we had to run ar

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Stay in Rome

by CAROL J. (08/10/2010 15:36:07)

Few tips for a very short stay in Rome

































What to see :

Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, Forum, Colosseum, Piazza di Popolo, Boghese Museum.
























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Strolling in Rome

by SHARMA A. (09/10/2010 20:10:20)

Ancient rome… Starting from San Giovanni & touching everything to the pantheon.
The Colosseum of Rome, Roman Forum, The Capitoline Hill, Piazza Navona, The Palatine Hill Vatican, the whole
historic centre  is a must !!



Delightful atmosphere in Rome

by RYBNICEK P. (22/07/2010 09:17:26)

It was the first visite of my friend in Rome, so the classical line: from Piazza Popolo to Colosseum. Daily Vatican. I love all of them.
We were in Rome with our small dog (westie) Tessie. She knows Rome as a wery good guide. But in 42 centigrades she did only several steps on the hot black pavement every time and unhappily looked at me. I had to carry her on my arms all the time. She also as the first of us found out and derived benefit from the fact that all the shops are air-conditioned. :-)
Gorgeous town, the only one in the world
first-hand contact with European history
Vatican City, centre of Christianity
delightful atmosphere at the B&B Vaticano

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Experience in Rome

by OWEN H. (11/07/2010 23:51:12)

-Capuchin cemetery - don't read anything about this before you go - just go
-Galleria Borghese - absolutely wonderful collection and small so it can be done in under 2 hours
-Pantheon - just amazing, never seen engineering like it
-trevi fountain of course has to be done
-piazza navona is probably my favourite evening place in the city.

from the B&B near St. Peter if you cross the river and head down towards Trastevere, there are just fantastic italian eateries which have 'fixed price' menues - i.e. an entree, pasta dish, main and desert plus water and wine all for €15-20 - it's where the italians go out to eat, and it's great! Off the tourist trail so you get real value

Communication is always a little bit of an issue, but I find that most italian can speak at least enough passable english for the foreign traveller t

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Museums in Rome

by PACINI, G. (11/06/2010 01:02:06)

We were in historic and exciting Rome! So many great places to visit!! the magnificent Coloseum, Appian Way, St. Peter's Square, Sistine Chapel, Piazza Venezia, Piazza del Fiori, and the Pantheon all come to mind immediately. The museums in Rome leading into the Sistine Chapel were amazingly impressive as well.

My wife and I purchased some great Italian bread, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, fruit, and a bottle of wine and ate amongst the ruins in the Appian Way. Can't beat that. Beyond that experience, we at mostly at small non tourist type of establishments. The owner of the apartment was great in sending us in the direction in this regard.

Well, it turns out that the owner of the apartment and I are both fairly high level soccer coaches and he is scheduled to work this summer a mere 15 minutes from my home

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Sites in Rome

by DIRETTORE O. (09/04/2010 13:25:13)

The central location of the bed and breakfast ( 1 minute from Piazza Navona) allowed us to visit all the important sites in Rome including Trevi fountain, colosseum, vatican museum, PIazza San Pietro, Castel Santangelo and more. The walks by the Tevere were amazing.....Rome is a great city to visit.........

best place we found to eat a good meal was in a restaurant between piazza Navona and Trevi fountain. The service was great, the food spectacular and the price was fair.
worst place to the colosseum. I suggest that for a great meal at a fair price, visitors do not eat close to a major tourist attraction.

the B&B 's location is very central, the hostess is incredibly pleasant and friendly, privacy is at a max since the place is a private apartment with no-one else sharing the space.
clean, quiet

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