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Walking the streets in Florence

by ESPOSITO, J. (20/10/2011 08:22:30)

We walked the streets and neighbourhoods of Florence & admired everything from outdoors. Afterall, the weather was beautiful. The hill of Michaelangelo was the best location to see the whole city. Ponte Vecchio was interesting too. If going to any museum sites, get there early & consider getting a Florence card. 50Euros, 72 hrs., & many museums. My advice, the streets  are a museum.

Le Compane- A locals place, great food, affordable, good service. A little off the beaten path but worth the walk. Katti house- simple, inexpensive, good. Very friendly staff. Family owned & operated. .

The addresses are numbered with 2 systems. Blue & red letters. If an address had a lower case r next to it, look for the address number in red, otherwise follow the oth

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sightseeing in Rome

by CUPERUS, T. (18/09/2011 20:02:42)

If you like walking you can do a lot of sightseeing of ancient Rome on foot. Pantheon is impressive. It is good preserved and de sculptures and frescos are nice. Ostia Antica is good documented and therefore you can imagine how it was like. De piazzas and little streets where nice and cosy. After Ostia I was a little bit disapointed about de Forum Romanum and de the Palantino (less documentation).

Pizzeria a Ivo in San Francesco a Ripa (Trastevere)

Funny things happened on personal level, you will experience yourselves.

Still so much to see: Vaticano, Sistine Chapel, St. Pietro Basilic.

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What to see in Rome

by ANGELIKA R. (14/09/2011 08:50:53)

You can write books about the loveliness and the greatness of Rome . We visited the Forum Romanum, Castel S. Angelo, Fontana di Trevi, Monumento V. Emmanuelle, the Collosseum and in the Musei Vaticani we spend a whole day. Its not necessary to describe this places but it was - as always - just awesome! The life of Rome, the people, the views, the sunset, the food......
Love this town!

When you want to eat, where the Popes eat, when they want to be private, go to the I Quattro Mori (Via Fornaci). More Sardegna delicious food you will never find, even in Sardegna! The amount of fish dishes were unbelievable! The restaurant is just a short foodwalk from St. Pietro and this ist fine, because of the Grappa, Limoncello and Mirto you get there for free..

We had our dinner at the s

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Walking around in Rome

by RILEY, R. (25/09/2011 15:44:18)

We mainly enjoyed walking round different areas of rome and taking everything in. We didn't actually go into any main sites as I have back problems and cannot wait in line very long. We went to the church behind palazzo Venezia which was beautiful. We went to the trevi fountains and Spanish steps which were full of tourists. We initially did annopen bus tour which was ok, good to get orientated but we enjoyed doing a lot of walking after this

Trattoria degli amici in trastavere, good food, great desserts and it is a restaurant supporting people with disabilities and also the money from wine sales goes to helping the aids epidemic in africa. We also ate at shooters steakhouse near San Giovanni metro station one night and the name is misleading as there were lots of Italians there, the food and service wa

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stay in Rome

by DRIES, J. (15/09/2011 10:09:54)

Rome is must see city because of it's huge part in history and the western society as we know it. Although the Romans around the main touristic sites are not always that friendly, we experienced very nice people that enjoy life just outside the most touristy places. Trastevere is a great area, but more and more people are aware of this so enjoy it now!

Pantheon: Impressive and really makes you feel the historic background
Giancolo: The hill between Trastevere and the Vatican area. Great walk, great views
Borghese park: Sort of Central Park of Rome. Rented a double bike and enjoyed the park
Colosseum: I would suggest a guide: skip the line and helps you imagine the colosseum at his prime.

Dar Poeta: Pizzeria in Trastevere. In a lovely alley. Ver

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Weekend break in Rome

by JANE A. (24/08/2011 15:29:50)

As we only had two days to spare in Rome we found the on/off tour buses the most useful way to visit the many differing sites within Rome. At a cost of only 21 euro for a 24hr period we were able to get on at the main train station/metro point and enjoy a two hr round trip jumping on and off when we saw places of interest along the route. We made good use of this service on both days we were there. They have a good auto sound system in five differing languages explaining each of the main sites.

meals were pretty much geared around pasta & pizza in all local restaurants & cafes, at a cost of 8-12 euro for lunch while coffee houses close to each of the main sites of interest did charge a slightly higher price for convenience & rest at times they were well worth it. But Termini train station offered the

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Trip in San Floro

by BRIGITTE S. (24/08/2011 10:08:12)

We travelled in one week through the south of Calabria. Very impressive was Gerace, Bova, Tropea (although to touristic), Pizzo. Calabria has a astonishing nature, the variosity is amazing. We travelled from Cantazone to the south and back to Lamezia along the westcoast.
The trip in the Aspromonte was astonishing.
San Floro stole our heart: the locals were very friendly. We were the first foreign visitors and they were very pleased with our visit. The priest came to welcome us and the local pub served us local food for free.

The salad made by the host of San Floro was delicious, the food by the pub also. In every place we eat the food was good, except in the hotel Due Torri in Capo Vaticano.
We ate very good in Soverato, Gerace, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo, Zambrone. The meals we had were different; we ate fres

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Things to do in Rome

by WILLIAMS C. (28/07/2011 00:33:08)

Many things to do in Rome for free if you look-the city is lit up at night so very pretty. We bought a hop on hop off 24 hr tour bus ticket but didnt use it-faster and more interesting to walk!
Interesting to walk in front of St Angelos Castle at night along river. Market stalls, games, bars and live music.From our room we walked to the following:
Colloseum-worth the big queues, Piazza Venezia-go to the top the views are amazing, Spanish Steps-not much to see but lovely fountain below and fun hang out for young people, Trevi Fountain, Fort Romano (Roman Forum), Vatican-Cupola worth the big queue, Piazza Del Popolo, Piazza Navona, St Angelos Castle
PLEASE NOTE: many places dont take credit cards-eg: Vatican Cupola

VIP Pizzeria & Creperia Via Vittorio e Emmanuele.Didnt treat you l

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Gondola ride in Venice

by LYNDA C. (11/07/2011 06:58:15)

Gondola ride was great. We really like Saint Mark's, the Basilica and the Doge's palace. Very impressed that what we thought were paintings were mosaics. Murano glass factory was dissappointing however.  People were very friendly. All the various boats and ships were very interesting. The vaporetto system is unique and pretty easy to get the hang of.

A couple of places right on the water were very good. The waiters joked with us and were very entertaining. One was on the Granda Canal in the Rialto area, the other was between the Zaccaria and Arsenal stops. We also got food in a couple of local area markets that was very good. The people were great wherever we went.

My family couldn't wait to climd up to the balcony of the Basilica and look out onto the square. Once there, w

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First time in Rome

by CHEMIN F. (07/06/2011 12:11:29)

It was our first time in Rome and we fell in love with the place, the people and the history. We are now considering going back to italy to explore another region, altough we know full well, that nothing will match this first trip to Roma! 

I think that the B&B we stayed in also contributed so much to this wonderful time we had!!
the Trastevere is a wonderful area for restaurant and night life.
unfortunately i can't remember the name of the restaurant where we had our best meal, it was just off the piazza santa maria de trastevere
however we were not very welcome at the restaurant da Enzo. We were told it was all booked when there was noone seated!

just magical! loads of funny stories, but too personnal to put here. We are not used to being

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