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What does mean "TO GO TO A FRASCHETTA IN ROME"? It means you’re being invited to a typical roman trattoria restaurant. Read it in "info and events", the new site section where you found info, secrets and suggestions about your stay in Rome and in Italy.

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Saint Valentine 2009 Weekend Offers

St. Valentine 2009: 2 hearts and … one B&B: where do you want to spend your romantic St. Valentine weekend ?

For a magical St. Valentine 2009 weekend, choose a Romantic B&B in Rome Venice Tuscany or Umbria.

At BBitalia.it find a great selection of romantic B&B just right for you: book immediately!





PROMOTION SMILE B&B ITALY: B&B deducted of a 20%

If you book your B&B reservation on August in a Smile B&B, you will get a deduction of a 20% to the price quoted. More about B&B Smile Promotion








The B&B ITALIA Gift Voucher

A special day? A special person? A birthday, Anniversary or simply want to surprise someone? It’s possible now with a B&B ITALIA Gift Voucher ...The voucher is personalized with the name of the person offering it and the name of the receipient, together with a nice inscription. The buyer can decide if the voucher is to be sent to his/her home or directly to the final addressee. For further information or to purchase the voucher, call our centre or click on the banner of the home page.




In order to deal with the searches of one-night accomodation, B&B ITALIA can satisfy any request .. call our centre at mail info@bbitalia.it to ask for availability even for 1 single room for only 1 night!



Bed & Breakfast Business

Try the new B&B&B line (Bed & Breakfast & Businnes) for the people travelling with business purpose. It’s possible now to be accomodated in other 50 B&Bs in Milan in the Exhibition Area or in the central areas or not far from the Exhibition Centre (less than 20 minutes distance). For further information or possible contracts, the interested companies are kindly asked to contact our commercial department ( mail info@bbitalia.it ).




Has come B&B to Paris!

Here are the firstB&B in Paris, chosen with the utmost care in the heart of the city near all major attractions. Guaranteed by the HQP mark of quality, granted by the City Council. With over 200 apartments and houses offering 500 different options spread throughout Paris, we are able to satisfy any request.

» www.bbparis.com