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Trip in San Floro

by BRIGITTE S. (24/08/2011 10:08:12)

We travelled in one week through the south of Calabria. Very impressive was Gerace, Bova, Tropea (although to touristic), Pizzo. Calabria has a astonishing nature, the variosity is amazing. We travelled from Cantazone to the south and back to Lamezia along the westcoast.
The trip in the Aspromonte was astonishing.
San Floro stole our heart: the locals were very friendly. We were the first foreign visitors and they were very pleased with our visit. The priest came to welcome us and the local pub served us local food for free.

The salad made by the host of San Floro was delicious, the food by the pub also. In every place we eat the food was good, except in the hotel Due Torri in Capo Vaticano.
We ate very good in Soverato, Gerace, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo, Zambrone. The meals we had were different; we ate fresh fish (Swordfish, Shrimps, Squid) various pizza's and pasta.

The hotel Due Torri reminds us at the sitcom "Fawlty Towers". One big chaos, complaining guests, double booked rooms and a director that was totally sereen. After 2 hours waiting we finally had a room.... for 10 minutes. We were just taking a shower when there was a bouncing on the door. We immediately had to leave the room.

The people are very friendly and hospital. Although they don't speak any other language than Italian, the take every effort to communicate with us.
The food is delicious and very fresh.

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