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Walking around in Rome

by BENNETT, M. (20/04/2018 13:34:45)

Just walking around Rome and falling across its many treasures was the best way to feel the city.
The Borghese Gallery allowed a close up view of an incredible collection of great masterpieces. The Vatican was easy to explore from our place. It was only a five minute walk and we spent a day there.

It was easy to find places to eat around our location but we also enjoyed walking around Rome itself. We would come across a side street somewhere and find a great dining experience. It is a great experience to be in a city where one can walk around and do just that. The experience is in the journey of getting there as much as it is in arriving there.

Rome is a city made for walking and exploring. That makes it my kind of city. It is a place that is fun to walk around in , not concerning oneself of being lost in until you want to get back to your location. Then you look at your map and easily find your way back. I loved the wandering experience as much as I loved the wonderful sites.

Three reasons why this location was worth while are as follows. Location to many key places within walking distance. The beautiful room itself with its great view and wonderful host. Thirdly, our location was close to the metro and to the bus shuttle for the air port making all ones needs close at hand. Indeed, if we wanted a last stroll out in the evening it was beautiful seeing the lights on the buildings.

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stay in Rome

by BOYKA P. (14/10/2011 09:10:33)

We had a wonderful stay in Rome. We have visited the Vatican Museum, Sistine chaplel, Basilica St Pietro, The Colloseo, Foro Romana, The Pantheon, etc. We saw very impressive artworks of Caravaggio in St Luiggi di Francesi and Santa Maria del Popolo. In St. Clemente we visited the tomb of St. Cyril - the creator of Cyrillic alphabet, and this was very important for me like Bulgarian. You breathe the history in Rome.

In Italy you can never go wrong with the food - because it is always excellent. As we were really exhausted in the evening we ate in the neighbourhood in small restaurants recommended by our host, like Lotto Vecchio (hope I spell correctly), Ricomincidatre and Manggia Fuoco. We had the chance to taste original Sicilian and Roman cuisine and all above mentioned places were visited mainly by Italians, but not tourists, which means authentic taste.

Well, it was funny to see Piccadilli paper bag (Bulgarian supermarket chain) in front of Fontana di Trevi. It was a bit annoying, that we arrived at Villa D'Este in Tivoili at 5:30 PM, when they just closed it under our noses, but we came back the next day and it was really worthed. I can recommend to anybody to see these fountains, which work by gravity and there is no even one pump in the entire place.

1. It is amazing feeling to touch with your hand things older than 2000 years. 2. The masterpieces of Michelangelo, Raffaelo, Bernini and many many others are a must to see in a life time.
3. The delicious Italian food and the sophisticated leather products are also something you cannot miss.

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B&B in Rome

by ROSEN, J. (10/10/2011 21:06:08)

We enjoyed our stay in Rome ! The B&B was centally located and made walking to various attractios quite easy. Walking to the Borghese park was very pretty ambling down Via Veneto and all the fine shops,. Another day we walked toTrastevere and stopped to see the Jewish Ghetto area. In the evening we walked around the Monti district and ate at a neighborhood restaruant.

For our anniversary we dined at La Teverna dei Fori Imperial. This was perhaps the best restaruant we ate at during our two weeks in Italy. It is near the Colosseum and definitely one of the top restaruants in Rome. It isn't overly pricey but you do need reservations. The wall is covered with photos of famous folks that have eaten there. Al Pucino and Woody Allen to name just two.

This was our first experience with remote controlled Air Conditioning. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how to turn it on. Finally I called the front desk. I have to admit tha I felt stupid once I was shown the remote and the very apparent "On" button. Making phone calls was a bit of a challenge until I learned that I needed to dial "0" for an outside line.

1)The hotel is located close to the Termini Station which made it easy to get to from the Airport. We took the Terravision Bus for only 4 euros from the airport to the Termini and walked from there to our room.
2)The room was very quiet and very clean with modern decor, with in-room free local phone and WiFi
3)The staff, Alba and Jerry were exceptional making us feel welcome and comfortable.

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sightseeing in Rome

by CUPERUS, T. (18/09/2011 20:02:42)

If you like walking you can do a lot of sightseeing of ancient Rome on foot. Pantheon is impressive. It is good preserved and de sculptures and frescos are nice. Ostia Antica is good documented and therefore you can imagine how it was like. De piazzas and little streets where nice and cosy. After Ostia I was a little bit disapointed about de Forum Romanum and de the Palantino (less documentation).

Pizzeria a Ivo in San Francesco a Ripa (Trastevere)

Funny things happened on personal level, you will experience yourselves.

Still so much to see: Vaticano, Sistine Chapel, St. Pietro Basilic.

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What to see in Rome

by ANGELIKA R. (14/09/2011 08:50:53)

You can write books about the loveliness and the greatness of Rome . We visited the Forum Romanum, Castel S. Angelo, Fontana di Trevi, Monumento V. Emmanuelle, the Collosseum and in the Musei Vaticani we spend a whole day. Its not necessary to describe this places but it was - as always - just awesome! The life of Rome, the people, the views, the sunset, the food......
Love this town!

When you want to eat, where the Popes eat, when they want to be private, go to the I Quattro Mori (Via Fornaci). More Sardegna delicious food you will never find, even in Sardegna! The amount of fish dishes were unbelievable! The restaurant is just a short foodwalk from St. Pietro and this ist fine, because of the Grappa, Limoncello and Mirto you get there for free..

We had our dinner at the spectacular I Quattro Mori and because it was the birthday-dinner for my beloved husband, the Padrone offered him a birthday-gift: One of the bottles of spectacular Sardegna White Wine! The second we love was the breakfast - just an italian coffee and a brioche in the sensational Coffee-shop Castroni!

3 reasons are not enough, why we love this place and why we will return back as soon as possible! . Its the sun, the people, the lifestyle, the food and the sepactacular views of this 2700 year old town, where history comes to life.
Just sit there in a small bar on the street and have a look, have the feeling!

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