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by EDMUND C. (03/10/2011 19:51:44)

"Bravo" is what I can think to appreciate the B&B I stayed at,  just feel like home! Castle dell'Ovo is a good place to go. In Italy, not many places can have medieval castles to see, and Napoli historican centre is one, and dell'Ovo is what I need. Though it is not really a great fortress comparing to the one I visited in the past, it is definitely a good place to see the sunset and the night view of Napoli.

Undoubtly, L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Via C.Sersale is a must to try. Not only tourists, even many local Italians appreciate the pizza there too as well, and the price doesn't adjust for big profit but is still in a "local price" (not tourist price). Personally, I think the quality/price ratio is good, but it's not really so surprising (I think some other pizzeria can also offer the same or even better quality pizza too), but it's still worthy to try there.

Not really any exciting experience to tell, but what I memorize the most is the pets in the B&B I stayed. There are 2 cats and 1 dog, and they are really lovely. One of the cats is white and it's a lazy one, but I could make it follow me sometimes and even to my bedroom. Since then, it liked to go to my bedroom very often and even slept in my bed! :D

Napoli city originates since 8th century, and one of the eldest cities in Italy, which preserves lots of old buildings like castles while the other cities in Italy do not have the same. Furthermore, it connects to other locations such as Capri, Pompei which are also worthy to go. Last but not least, Napoli is notorious for its local security which makes most of the tourists stay away from here (that's what I like as I don't like places which are crowd with tourists).

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