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Walking the streets in Florence

by ESPOSITO, J. (20/10/2011 08:22:30)

We walked the streets and neighbourhoods of Florence & admired everything from outdoors. Afterall, the weather was beautiful. The hill of Michaelangelo was the best location to see the whole city. Ponte Vecchio was interesting too. If going to any museum sites, get there early & consider getting a Florence card. 50Euros, 72 hrs., & many museums. My advice, the streets  are a museum.

Le Compane- A locals place, great food, affordable, good service. A little off the beaten path but worth the walk. Katti house- simple, inexpensive, good. Very friendly staff. Family owned & operated. .

The addresses are numbered with 2 systems. Blue & red letters. If an address had a lower case r next to it, look for the address number in red, otherwise follow the other system. This made things a little confusing.

The food & wine. The soups are well known here such as minestrone, tomato & onion. Porcini mushrooms are abundant.
The school of leather. Beautiful, authentic items found here. Worth the money.
Beautiful structures & scenery. There is something beautiful about almost every structure in the city.

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B&B in Florence

by REYES A. (03/01/2010 11:22:46)

For our tip, we booked a B&B in Florence. I really liked the Palazzo Vecchio. When you stand on the balcony and look into the main hall you can just imagine a big ball taking place with women in their fancy dresses and the music playing the background.

I don't remember names, I just found a place and went in and ate. However, La Mescita near the Galleria was really good.

As I went from museum to shop to restaurant even though I was traveling alone, I kept running into the same people! I almost felt like I wasn't alone after all.

Even if it rains you can still see many of the interesting sites because the museums are still open. Seeing David in person is amazing! You just have to climb the Duomo and see Florence from the top.

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