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by JOHN R. (10/10/2011 21:39:52)

Agrigento was an excellent base for these day trips and our B and B was perfect. Sicily is an outstanding place to visit. We spent time walking among the ruins at the Valley of the Temples. We also took time and drove to visit some distant family in a nearby town of Aragona. A side trip to Casltagirone, a small Sicilian town known for its ceramics was delightful as well as a drive along the coast viewing the white cliffs. .

I don't think you could find a bad meal if you tried. Everything is fresh and homemade. We enjoyed the seafood and pasta. Agrigento wasn't a "tourist" town and we felt we were with real Italians. Some of our previous experiences made me wonder where the Italians were, hearing English, German or French being spoken. This was our first time in Sicily and we loved it. Local shops provides some great cheeses, sausages and olives. We picniced a few times, too.

Our host's name was Giovani, one of the guests from Mexico was Juan, and I am named John. We had some laughs regarding the three of us having essentially the same name - just in different languages. Also, it took us a while to figure out how to open the outside door until someone showed us that we only needed to push a button - not fumble around with our keys.

Sicily is the bread basket for Italy and much of the world. Grapes, Olives, Almonds, Pistaccio, Prickly Pears grow all over making meals incredible and fresh.
Agrigento is located central to many easy day trips - beaches, Valley of the Temples, vinyards and olive groves.
Our B and B was beautiful and we were made to feel very welcome. The facilities were modern, clean and beautiful.

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