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Rome is worth a visit because of its history. This is simply a place every european should visit at least once.Vatican Museums - impressive, but quite crowded and expensive
Cupola of St. Peter - definitely worth the climb for an extraordinary view (although you should't suffer claustrophobia...)
Colosseum and Foro Romano Area - bring sunhat and umbrella!
Historical Center - everything is within walking distance except for metro and bus stops

Very good pizza and pasta at isola della pizza near vatican area (two side streets from piazza del risurgimento). Service was quite hectic and bread was stale on one evening but apart from that a fantastic location that isn't only frequented by tourists.
Near colosseum: Don't be fooled by the thousands of expensive restaurants! Just walk around the corner for Carrefour express supermarket for an italian picnic that you can enjoy in the shade of the ruins.

Trying to catch a bus in the piazza venezia area: We were wandering around for almost an hour trying to find the right stop of our bus line. We asked several locals, i.e. bus drivers and waiters in the surrounding bars. Only to eventually find out that our specific bus stop was closed due to road works. Suggestion: Don't even try to find the right stop in heavily frequented places - walk 200 m to the next stop!

1. The atmosphere is very mediterranean, which can be noisy and distressing at times but makes a worthwhile experience anyway.
2. Where else can you visit 3 countries within one city? (Italy, Vatican, Order of Knights of Malta)

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